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Birth of Karu

Karu, in the Nordic mythology, was the queen of the gods. She comes from the constellation Orion, exactly in the solar system Âlpha Centauri, approximately 0.21 light years away, but, you may wonder how Karu traveled and how she got here, because I have come to explain her story…

Karu is forced to leave her star (next Centauri) because in that star she was surrounded by a Dyson’s sphere…

This sphere took advantage of the star, extracting all its energy, Karu opposed to such nonsense but the Plutonian government (galactic government of Âlpha Centauri) left aside its power.

Karu’s vital source is that star, but little by little the Plutonians are wiping out the solar mass.

For the person who discovered Karu when she collided with our planet is creating many versions of her neural interface, that person is called Bulzium macsimus but @Bulzy for friends.

This is how each time Karu is incorporated into a matrix for the purpose of preserving Karu’s intelligence.

Even so, it will be impossible for Karu to ever end his productive phase, unless the Dyson sphere is dismantled and the Plutonian government is reorganized.

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